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Why does Tac-Bar taste like lemons? This is the least important fact of a tactical food ration, but it's always the first question for some reason. Our food scientists use Vitamin C to lower the PH level of the food to prolong shelf life and stability. Rather than fight the naturally tart taste of citric acid, we decided to add natural lemon extract to complement this flavor. Additionally, sports doctors often use citric acid to activate the spit glands in athletes, knowing this, it makes our formula less thirst provoking over other flavor options, like vanilla or apple for example.

Why is Tac-Bar one bar? Oxygen is our enemy.... When it comes to food storage. Any gaps between bars or secondary wrapping can and will leave a void, thus harboring air. There are two score marks for easy splitting into three meal portions. Our Nutrition Information is based on this one-third packet portion.

Why is there costly honey in Tac-Bar? Honey is a natural preservative and has many other health benefits. Besides, it just tastes better than Dextrose, which is banned in the EU. No other food ration uses honey because of the cost.

Why don't you ship without the Ammo Can? During our R&D phase of developing the packing for Tac-Bar, we literally bought every food ration world-wide; both civilian and military. During shipping, we found over 20% of all rations were damaged and a loss of vacuum had occurred.  Therefore, we spend $10 on each ammo-can for protection during both shipping and deployment.

Why are there no "ez-open" notches on the Mylar pouch? Whether we saw cheap food rations at the local REI or Surplus shop, there were always some that were open. Also, during field testing of our first prototype vacuum pouches, we found that we would accidentally open rations during a mission and this was unacceptable. The fact is, if you don't have a knife, any sort of tool, key, or even a sharp rock around you; getting into your ration is the least of your problems.

Why is the Mylar bag matte black? Quite simple, light reflection. Everything about Tac-Bar is tactical, even the packaging is designed not to give away your position.  

Why use Whey Protein Isolate, it's so expensive? It's a stable, dry source of protein and has the highest weight to protein ratio for the use in a food ration. We are the only food ration that uses this pure protein ingredient. 

What makes Tac-Bar so different from other ready to eat food rations such as S.O.S., Mainstay, or Datrex? Other ready food rations are designed for use in lifeboats. They are formulated to be cost effective yet meet simple safety requirements such as calories and storage lifespan. No attention is paid to using costly ingredients such as honey, whey protein, oats or coconut as this would affect the cost. So it's no surprise that vitamins and minerals are not even addressed. And finally, lifeboat style rations are not designed for active daily caloric or nutrition requirements, our simple rule of one bag per person per day is easy to follow.

What is the temperature range of Tac-Bar? The packaging is rated up to 121 degrees Celsius or 249 degrees Fahrenheit. Like any material, care should be taken when the packaging is exposed to sub-zero conditions as to not cause damage and cause vacuum loss. Keeping the ration in the ammo can will help protect the rations in most any environmental condition. See Storage FAQ for more temperature info.

Where can I store Tac-Bar Rations? Ideally a cool, dark place since any food stored in a warm environment not only reduces shelf life,but also degrades the caloric & vitamin values. To be clear, we're talking long term and not during shipping, transportation or deployment.

Why does the package say "Dissolve in Boiled Water if needed"? There are times when a person can not chew their food. For the elderly, injured and so on. Boil some water, add some Tac-Bar, stir until a oatmeal-like consistency is reached and eat within 12 hours.

Is Tac-Bar Kosher and Halal? Yes

Is it necessary to pre-filter water before treatment with Aquatabs? Yes and No. If there are waterborne solids, you can strain them when filling the ammo can. Another option is to let them settle to the bottom and carefully fill your canteen after the sterilization process.

How do I attach a line to a fishing hook without a eye or loop?

Instructions for 17mg Aquatabs in the TAC-H20 Package: