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Food and water is at the top of every preppers list. Our USA made ammo can contains five days of fortified tactical food rations and 17mg water purification tablets for the treatment of fifty liters of water. This bug-out-box can be used to collect three liters of water.



Compatibility, versatility and Rugged

It's no mistake we've made our ruggedized ammo cans to standard specifications; we had some specific goals in mind.

One, all food rations need to be protected. Once the Mylar vacuum pouch is punctured, the contents must be consumed within about five days. Tac-Bar is the only ration designed to perfectly fit into this standardized ammo can five at a time. Additionally, our custom made four layer Mylar vacuum pouches have a thickness of 110 microns, the strongest around. Finally, shipping often damages food rations if they are not adequately protected, not a chance of that here. There are no ez-open notches on our Mylar pouches, this is intentional since our field testing often showed accidental openings occurred.

Two, many prepper supplies are commonly packaged in stackable ammo cans. Conforming to this system makes storage and deployment both practical and efficient.

Three, the ammo can holds 3 liters of water, using the included 17mg Aquatab water purification tablets, therefore it's possible to collect and sterilize water inside the ammo can. Follow the Aquatab instructions on each Tac-H20 packet. Visit the FAQ for detailed instructions.

Four, everyone likes a bad-ass ammo can.


Tac-Bar survival tin:

  • Metal tin sealed with removable tape
  • Stainless steel multi-tool with case and instructions
  • Gold emergency blanket
  • Liquid filled magnetic compass
  • Monofilament fishing line
  • Fishing line spool
  • 2 Fishing hooks
  • 2 Lead fishing sinkers
  • Plastic fishing worm (various color and size)
  • 2 double sided razor blades wrapped in paper packets
  • Steel fire starter with ferrocerium rod inlay and striker
  • Survival whistle with clip
  • Candle

Food science for survival

Use the Ammo Can to collect and sterilize 3 liters of water. 

Use the Ammo Can to collect and sterilize 3 liters of water. 

Short term   In a short term SHTF situation, food performance is paramount. There's lots to consider whether bugging in or out. Fact is, your body needs energy to perform at its peak. The active adult will consume 2,500 calories or more a day depending on the level of activity exerted, whether its defending your homestead or getting out of dodge. Tac-Bar has been engineered for a specific balance of calories, carbohydrates, natural sugars and protein to keep you operating at your best. Serious consideration to the physical size of your provisions needs to be given. For example, if you have a 48-hour hike out of an urban area in a grid-down situation, you need 5,000-10,000 calories; that's a physically large amount of traditional food to carry. By taking just two Tac-Bars in your bug out bag, you avoid the security risk of having to look for food along your escape route. Even the matte black packaging is designed to conceal your position when you stop for a quick snack. There's also the obvious feature that there is no preparation needed, just snap off a piece and keep moving and stay alert. If you're using a vehicle to head to your bug-out location, just throw a Tac-Bar ammo can into it and you're set for a week for food and water purification.  Remember, if there is a grid-down situation, use the provided Aquatabs to sterilize even tap water.

See our FAQ page for further information regarding operating temperatures, storage and so on.



Long term  Extended survival is more complex, but let's address a few areas where Tac-Bar was developed for this mission. Completeness and balance in your diet will be difficult in an extended SHTF event. We have made the effort to include the full daily recommended intake of 15 vitamins and minerals; no other ration has this ability. Truthfully, no one wants to eat the same food every meal over the long term, but even if you make Tac-Bar a part of your extended survival plan, you're going to remain more healthy and strong by providing your body with what it needs. Additionally, using real food ingredients is simply not done in other food rations. We use real honey, coconut, oats and pure whey protein isolate; no other ration goes through this effort and food cost.  Our company is a family company not run by accountants.

Custom orders are available. Specific quantities, packaging and secure direct delivery available. Just send us an email.