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$2500 Prepper Contest - CLOSED


Mission: To showcase and instruct the public how the Tac-Bar system can be used to survive in an SHTF situation either in the wilderness or urban environments. Not the ubiquitous prepper video filmed in the backyard or workbench, but a practical application of all components of the ammo can system.

Guidelines: Any prepper challenge worth its salt has no limitations. So be creative. Besides the obvious task of actually eating the rations and talking about the technical attributes of Tac-Bar, show off your skills! Perhaps it's by catching fish, using the multi-tool to open a can of tuna or start a fire with the contents of the survival tin. What about using the survival tin to collect worms,  making char cloth or a finger splint? Use the ammo can to collect and sterilize water with the included TAC-H2O packet. The gold emergency blanket has too many uses to list, so demonstrate this. If you are a survivalist or skilled in bushcraft, you surely have a list of your own forming in your head already. Tac-Bar is calorie dense and packed with everything your body needs to perform at its peak and with mental clarity. Please become familiar with the Tac-Bar ration by studying this website, the FAQ page and the nutritional panel on the ration. Also read the Aquatab information booklet before handling or using the TAC-H2O packet.

Who can enter: Anyone. You can buy Tac-Bar from Amazon Prime or if you're a YouTuber with at least 5000 subscribers, contact me in the form below and I'll send you a kit ASAP free of charge!

How to enter: Permanently post your video entry on your YouTube channel, post to your survival blog or to a prepper related blog with your photos, copy and or video and send me the link using the form below before July 31st 2016.

Prizes: I will judge all entries based on the following:

  • Number and skill level of survival tasks demonstrated
  • Ration utilization and technical understanding
  • The authentic environment within which tasks are performed
  • Overall authenticity

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd prize

All Entries

All entries that make a good effort will receive:



1 Plano ammo can customized for Tac-Bar with rubber weather gasket and serialized safety tag (will interlock stack with other Plano ammo cans)

5 Tac-Bar tactical food rations

1 Tac-H2O packet containing 10 Aquatab tablets, individually sealed

1 Tac-Bar survival tin:

  • Metal tin sealed with removable tape
  • Stainless steel multi-tool with case and instructions
  • Gold emergency blanket
  • Liquid filled magnetic compass
  • Monofilament fishing line
  • Fishing line spool
  • 2 Fishing hooks
  • 2 Lead fishing sinkers
  • Plastic fishing worm (various color and size)
  • 2 double sided razor blades wrapped in paper packets
  • Steel fire starter with ferrocerium rod inlay and striker
  • 10 Hurricane matches with striker in a sealed plastic package
  • Candle

10 official entry minimum for prize 1 or 2 to be awarded, all entries will win a minimum prize even if the minimum entries is not met. Thank you for entering!