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Choosing the right food for your mission can be just as critical as choosing your gear. Tac-Bar is ultra compact, leaving more room in your pack for mission specific items. When under stress or on the move, your body requires proper nutrition in addition to calories. Contained in the vacuum sealed pouch is a ready-to-eat food ration with 2,500 calories and 100% of 15 daily required vitamins and minerals. No other ration or MRE can boast these facts. The right fuel for your body will keep you on point and safe.

There is a serious purpose to every feature of the Tac-Bar system. The Ammo can is deployable in any theater; its designed to work with existing gear and rugged enough to effectively deploy by land, sea or air. We've done some radical testing to make sure your rations are just as safe as your ammo. We can custom package large orders in metal flight cases to your spec, just send us an email. Additionally, the matte black Mylar bag won't give away your position. There are no ez-open notches for a reason. We found during field testing that many pouches opened unintentionally, which can be an issue since no one wants fowled gear in your pack or valuable food wasted.

Water in the field can be a real problem whether in urban or wild environments respectively. For example, in an urban environment you may need to refill your water from an unknown source. If you ingest some harmful bacteria and come down with some nasty gastrointestinal problems, you're putting yourself and your team at risk because you're distracted and under performing. Each Ammo can comes with 10 Aquatab 17mg tablets for the purification of 50 liters of water. Finally, the ammo can holds 3 liters of water for water collection and treatment. Follow the Aquatab instructions included with each Tac-H20 packet.

Visit our FAQ page for common questions regarding temperature, stability and so on.

MRE vs Tac-Bar


  • 3,816 Calories Total
  • No Water Purification
  • Activate Heater
  • 6 Quarts of Volume for Storage Space


  • 12,500 Calories Total
  • 10 Aquatabs (17mg) for 50 liters of safe water
  • Ready-to-eat
  • 4 Quarts of Volume for Storage Space

Just a great photo!

Just a great photo!